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Clifton Private Beach Villa​

Create Your Own
Size Space

Many of the YOLO Spaces collection of properties are either connected or inter-connected, yet they remain totally private and independent from each other. Clifton Sea View Penthouse, Clifton Sea View Courtyard and Clifton Private Beach Villa can be multi-booked to create various room options from 2 bedrooms up to 7 bedrooms, depending on suitability and our guests requirements.

The ideal location of the 3 individual YOLO Spaces properties creating endless possibilities to book multiple combinations, catering from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms or up to 7 bedrooms in order to accommodate a maximum of 14 guests travelling together.

Clifton Sea View Penthouse

The 2 bedroom | 2 bathroom Penthouse sleeps 4 and has an incredible location situated on the top level of the beautiful French looking building with fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Clifton Sea View Penthouse is inter-connected to the Clifton Sea View Courtyard offering a 4 bedroom option and can further connect with the Clifton Private Beach Villa to accommodate a 7 bedroom stay.

Clifton Sea View Courtyard

This retro-decorated 2 bedroom | 2 bathroom Apartment sleeps 4 and is situated on the ground level of the French looking building with an incredible elevated private courtyard to relax, entertain or soak up the sun with views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Clifton Sea View Courtyard connects with Clifton Sea View Penthouse to provide a 4 bedroom option and can easily connect to Clifton Private Beach Villa if need be to create a 7 bedroom stay to enjoy your stay in Cape Town.

Clifton Private Beach Villa

This gorgeous 3 bedroom | 3 ½ bathroom luxury 3-level private Villa sleeps 6 and offers glorious entertainment rooms, outdoor terrace with panoramic ocean views and a private pool.

Clifton Private Beach Villa can inter-connect to Clifton Sea View Courtyard to create a 5 bedroom option and can further connect to Clifton Sea View Penthouse to create a 7 bedroom stay for friends who may want a little privacy but still want to stay in close proximity.